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Convenient Airfreight Services

Courtney International selects the best possible routing at the best possible price for your airfreight. We ensure the transferee will not be sitting half way across the world waiting for their children’s bedding or his suit for that important meeting first thing Monday morning. We specialize in moving LDN’s, D containers, E containers, Lift Vans and custom made cases.  All household goods and personal effects are classified as ” unknown shippers” by the TSA for export airfreight from the U.S. and therefore must be moved by Cargo Aircraft Only. We are totally familiar with airfreight for the government or state employee and will provide pricing and service for U.S.Flag or Open Skies Agreement air carriers. Courtney International knows every option from every origin to anywhere in the world. Keep your VIP’s ,executives , transferals, government and state employees happy with Courtney International’s comprehensive airfreight operation. Our export operation has 70 years experience in the industry. We make moving easy.

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